Qt Watermark


Qt Watermark is an image/photo watermarking application for MeeGo Harmattan. Qt Watermark has built in camera and image gallery for you to capture photo or select image for watermarking.

6 preset watermarking position which includes center, diagonal, top left, top right, lower left, lower right for you to select. In addition, you can choose the custom option which enables you to define the watermarking position, size and rotation

Apart from the features above, you can also customize the font, size and color of the watermarking text.

The watermarked photo can be uploaded to social network, cloud storage, bluetooth, email or even nfc to your friends easily.


Version 0.1.0
  • Improve camera options include flash and white balance settings.
  • Share to Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr or Dropbox using the ShareUI framework.
  • Remove watermarked photo option added.
Version 0.0.1 (initial release)
  • Take a new photo or select from gallery.
  • The application only takes photo at 3552x2000 resolution.
  • 5 preset watermarks, with fixed width and opacity.
  • Custom watermark placement available with custom opacity, rotation and size.
  • Custom color chooser (RGB).
  • Custom font ( up to 12 fonts).
  • Watermark preview after the photo is watermarked.


Latest version: 0.1.0