About Me

Hi, my name is Wesley Chong, I'm a mechanical engineer and a part time application developer. I love Linux and OpenSource stuff. My favourite linux distribution is Fedora and my favourite mobile platform is Maemo and MeeGo.

I have 7 years of experience in using Linux (and a little bit of Linux administration) and web programming(html, css, php and mysql). In addition, I have 5 years experience in programming using C++ and 1 year + experience in Python and Qt.

I've started to develop applications for Maemo/MeeGo since May 2011 which is initiated by owning my first smartphone, the magnificent N900. Since then, I put my free time on learning and developing application for Maemo and MeeGo platform with the aim of create easy to use applications for assisting true smartphone users in their daily life. Early July 2012, with the visit to Blackberry 10 Jam and getting my first Blackberry device (the BB10 Dev Alpha), I've started to explore the opportunity in the new platform (which is the BB10).

Last but not least, I own a blog and have several interesting post on it. Please visit my blog for news and interesting articles.

You can contact me via the following method:

Email: cckwes at gmail dot com

Follow me on Twitter: @cckwes